Thanks for your interest in our project! It’s going to get mighty exciting very soon and I’m glad you’re here.

We’re going to do it in a community-centric way in partnership with our neighbors and you. We began calling the project POOL because it really captures the core of what we're trying to accomplish: the sharing of resources, capital, and physical spaces for the benefit of everyone involved.  It can also be used as a tool to help others do these same kind of projects so we can build wealth as a community and seize some of the value we create as Detroiters.

Some of the features that will make POOL really awesome:

Real Ownership

This isn’t tossing in money to a crowdfund to get a free t-shirt; this will be a real stake in a property that’s legally recognized.

Radical Transparency

We believe that our investors should be able to see where every dollar goes, so that’s exactly what we’ll do. Investors get a dashboard where they can see every buck in and out of the organization. We’re proud of what we’re building and aren’t shy about showing off.

Low Buy-In Amount

We want this opportunity to be open to as many citizens of Detroit and Michigan as possible. We’re working to get the buy-in amount as low as we possibly can to allow people of all incomes to participate.

Quarterly Distributions

If profits are made from the house (we’re hopeful there will be, but we can’t guarantee that by law) we’ll share the profits to all of the owners of the house each quarter. You’ll get a statement that shows how the house did and where the funds went.

An Open Platform

After we finish this first house and share all of our learnings with you, we want to make this tool available so that you can create and fundraise projects of your own. We can’t fix all of the houses ourselves, and moreover we don’t want to! Our fundamental goal is that local-minded people like you - yes, you! - put together real estate projects and businesses of your own and fundraise from the very community that supports you. We see this venture as a first step, but true success for us is a future that includes all kinds of POOL projects popping up around town.


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